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You have begun the best step in your life's journey toward financial satisfaction. An email of the below has been sent you to use as a check list resource or simply copy and save the link to this page for your reference as well. 


Now let's start making an enhancement in your life as a Notary Signing Agent (NSA).


At this point you are very interested in becoming a NSA that can make up to a 6-figure annual income.


So let's get right into how to get you going. Follow these steps:


  1. Complete the Notary Public Commission Application for your State - Begin by typing in "notary public commission application for [State Name]" into google search. Use the form from your State's government direct .gov page as the application fee is usually much less than using a third-party service company to do it for you. CLICK HERE to apply. Once you send in your form to the state commission's department and are awaiting approval, move to the next step in the meantime. 

  2. Review and research State requirementsCLICK HERE to learn what if any following states have certain restrictions that may apply to Signing Agents and their ability to handle loan signings in their state. If you have to obtain additional licensing, complete that first before moving on to the next step. 

  3. Complete a training course to become NSA Certified - Use a training that will teach you step-by-step everything about this business in order to get started strong. Certification from a reputable training company may not be State required, but will make you more appealing to Lenders and Escrow Offices in order for them to send you signings. It's all online based. Do not skip around in the course and be patient with yourself. Always do your own research before you join. CLICK HERE to use the affiliated link to learn about the Six Figure course with a payment plan option that will bring high results within your first 90 days of business. 

  4. Obtain a background check - By becoming National Notary Association (NNA) certified, you will have gained the backing of a notary platform of support. It's also important to have a background check conducted via the NNA, as most signing services will require a current report of that from you. This step is included in the training course mentioned above in step three. While waiting on your background check to be available move on to the next step. 

  5. Shop around for Errors & Omissions Insurance - Make sure to purchase an insurance policy after your notary state application is approved and arrives at your local courthouse (also best time to order your notary stamp). A one year $25K minimum policy is enough to get started, unless your state restrictions request otherwise. As you grow you can increase it later to cut down start-up cost. Research a policy with other companies. If you decide to go with the E&O Insurance from the NNA, make sure you are on the correct state via the drop down box on the left of the login button on NNA's website CLICK HERE

  6. Set up your accounting software - Being a business owner requires keeping your calendar, accounting books and mileage log updated for when it comes time to file your taxes. There are several software out there. The most common one, also used by us, is NotaryGadget CLICK HERE to use the affiliated link to set up your profile. 

  7. Purchase all the essential supplies - A few items are a must in order to hit the ground running. Price search and price match via Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot/Max, Staples, Walmart and BJ's/Sam's Club/Costco. You will need - Notary stamp, Notary journal book, Fingerprint ink-less pad, Dual 2 tray laser printer, Legal and letter sized paper (10 ream box is best), High speed 50+ page auto feeder scanner, Blue and black pens, Binder clips, Free Fedex pak and legal envelope, Free UPS legal envelope, Paper clips, Legal sized clipboard, Hand sanitizer, Face mask, Gloves, Rubber finger tips, Auto feeder 100+ page shredder and more. CLICK HERE to use our shopping list to get most of the essential items. Do not go cheap on the printer and scanner as those two items will make or brake your income potential. Now all your supplies, licenses, insurance and trainings are complete, move on to the next step. 

  8. Register with signing services - A signing service is like a staffing agency for notaries. Create your profile on the different platforms referenced in your training course. Start with the free signing services. They will require you to upload your credentials such as certificates, insurance, training, picture, driver's license, background report and more. Do not set up your profile until you are ready to start working within 72 hours. If offers come in and you are not ready, either don't respond or reply booked/unavailable.  


The signing services will be sending you offers for signings, which you will get to pick and choose which you want to take and can counter offer your preferred fee to do the closing and can counter offer a better time that works for you.

Be aware that once you complete a signing, payment to you may take up to 30 days or more to receive. Don't worry once the money rolls in you won't be able to keep up.


You will continue to have lots of questions during this process, so do not hesitate to contact us. If you desire to have post certification/ pre-launch guidance (like: accounting set-up and management, business registry start-up (LLC), website and social media design (not required), customer service and/or file management coaching) BOOK a consultation to prepare for your launch and thereafter.

We look forward to working with you in order help you reach the goals you will set for yourself in your business. Follow us on Instagram @NotarieusBIZ and on Facebook @Notarieus Business Services to get weekly tips and guidance. 


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