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Executive Lounge

Welcome to the executive lounge. As a Boss, you gain entry to more coaching content to assist you on this amazing entrepreneur journey. There is so much information coming your way and it can be a bit too much. However, don't give up!

Notarieus has pulled together some essential information that is needed when getting ready to launch or have launched but feel like a few things are missing.




A downloadable reader friendly manual to provide a proactive  daily routine.  Avoid some of the mistakes made by us and reduce some of the stress from the unknown. The eBook address three main areas:

  • Understanding the process behind receiving alerts from companies.

  • How to handle the assignment once an order is confirmed.

  • Managing good accounting, while streamlining your calander at the same time.

  • Review some illustrations and more

eBook Marketing Templates For Social Med




NOT BS 101:

Every State is different but some of the principles and document context are the same. Get to the point with the main items in this business.


Included are a printable loan packet with key highlights and notes to help prepare for the closing. As well as audio recordings of an actual signing. The starter kit also include a radius fee list template; blank W9 taxpayer and notary acknowledgment form; infographics; and signer copy instruction cover sheet  amongst a few things.