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ENJOY the FREE checklist we just sent to your email. In the meantime...

The NOT BS series is not just a play on words from the company name, but it's main purpose is to serve as an educational supportive coaching and mentorship program. For those that are new to this industry and/or it is the first time running a business, we offer business launch guidance to assist with:

  • accounting set-up and management;

  • customer service email and text template;

  • loan document packaging and shipping process;

  • closing table walk-thru;

  • signing company etiquette;

  • printing technique

  • and more.....


It is highly recommended, that you watch (entirely) all the videos on our YouTube channel and subscribe to access our useful tools that will help generate an efficient and productive business daily. This will promote the "Work Smart" theory of success.

Prevent excessive mistakes and faster results towards financial satisfaction. Our coaching is in no way a certification course. The goal here is to make everything you learned from other reputable courses, finally start to make sense in the real world. Team work, makes the dream you have a reachable reality. 

So are you ready?


Then go ahead and jump in with two feet and faith TODAY!


Manny, LSA

Thank you for the comfort haha, I was freaking out a little.

Kera, LSA

I am thankful for all you have done to help my journey.

Stefano, LSA

I'm getting more confident. My family appreciates your helping me out.

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